March 26, 2019

What Others Are Saying

“Politics aside, especially collegiate, when you look at what is best for our region and Texas, it’s a slam dunk decision. A vet school in Amarillo is better for our students and economy. Why force prospective veterinary students to go out of state for education when we have the capability to educate, train and employ them here? Our students and economy matter.”
— Mayor Doyle Robinson, Panhandle, Texas

“Students like to settle close to where they earn their degrees. We need to provide them more opportunities to remain lifelong Texans. And West Texas in particular needs such professionals because of the vast spaces there, which means drives that take hours to get medical attention. The rest of the state should support fixing that.”
— San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board

“It’s bigger than just Texas Tech. It’s bigger than just Amarillo, and Lubbock, and West Texas. I think it’s going to be good for all of rural Texas.”
— Eddie McBride, President and CEO of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

“West Texas is a crucial part of this state’s economy, the center of cattle, cotton and oil production, among other food and resources. The state must invest in West Texas and its institutions to support a full and balanced regional economy for the long term. The boom-bust oil cycle can make it hard for other industries to gain a toehold in the region, and that’s a drag on the whole state. An opportunity to beef up West Texas agriculture and education should be taken very seriously.”
— Dallas Morning News Editorial Board

“The facts support Tech’s initiative. The population of Texas is approaching 30 million and has grown by more than 11 million since 1990. This initiative is not about competition. It is about not only what is best for Texas today, but what is best for the state in the decades to come. The time has come for a second vet school in Texas, and we agree with Dr. Mitchell. Failure is not an option.”
— Amarillo Globe-News Editorial Board

“The battle over whether this new school of veterinary medicine becomes a reality really shouldn’t even be a major matter. The state’s agriculture-based economy is large enough to support a Texas Tech veterinary medicine school without putting A&M’s longstanding veterinary medicine program in any jeopardy.”
— John Kanelis, former editorial page editor for the Amarillo Globe-News and the Beaumont Enterprise

“With almost a quarter million farms and ranches in this state, Texas imports most of its veterinarians. We’re told fewer than 25 percent of the state’s newly licensed veterinarians graduate from the one and only vet school in the state. Now is the time to add a veterinary school that aims to provide large animal veterinary training to serve the needs of our region and our state.”
— Dan Jackson for Consider This, KCBD

“The Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine is critically important to this state and to the more than $2.5-billion business we operate in Texas. As food distributors, we rely on the production of Texas beef for guests in our 95 stores in Texas and New Mexico. The shortage of veterinarians in rural communities of the Panhandle negatively impacts production in an area where the majority of the beef we distribute is produced. This gift is an investment in the communities we serve and in the future of Texas.”
— Robert Taylor, CEO of The United Family, announcing a $1 million gift to the future School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo