March 7, 2019


“When DeWit needs veterinary care, though, he calls some trusted veterinarians in New Mexico. That is not unusual for most cattle ranchers and dairy farm operators in the Texas Panhandle, where the number of veterinarians dedicated to large-animal health are dwindling each year. Texas Tech University is changing that, addressing
“United recognizes the role the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine will play in ensuring the health of the industry through its efforts to improve veterinary care across the country. United Supermarkets became the latest donor for the veterinary school effort through a gift of $1 million, which serves
“We appreciate the legislature’s attention to what arguably is the region’s most important priority. The vet school is an initiative all of West Texas should favor. If approved, the school will usher in new possibilities, some of which may not have even been considered by the most ardent of supporters.
“I’m a proud graduate of Texas Christian University and I’m also a proud supporter of Texas A&M. Both are great universities. But my affiliation with these universities doesn’t prevent me from supporting another. Nor does support for one university detract from another. Bottom line, what’s good for the cattle industry
“State lawmakers have taken the first step toward securing operational funding for the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine. Rep. John Smithee said on Thursday the House Appropriations bill, which included $7.5 million for vet school operational funding in fiscal year 2020 and $9.85 million in fiscal year 2021,
“Texas has one school of veterinary medicine, and it’s a good one. As a Texas A&M Aggie, I am very proud of our vet school. But is one school enough? I say no. We need another one like the proposed school at Texas Tech University.” Read More: Texas needs another
“Amarillo Matters have begun a digital and social media campaign to engage and share support for the Texas Tech veterinary school. The grassroots effort is aimed at building support. Amarillo Matters President Jason Herrick says, “There is so much support for this project and we felt it was important to
“The lobbying group Amarillo matters announced today it is turning up the volume on its call for the state to fund the operation of the proposed Texas Tech Veterinary School. The House budget committee passed more than $17 million towards the school on March 18. The Senate committee has not