March 7, 2019


“We now have a situation in Texas, where we have more Texans enrolling in out-of-state and out-of-country programs than can get a seat within Texas,” said Dr. Guy Loneragan, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Texas Tech’s new school. “We have one of the best institutions in the
“The Texas Legislature’s Conference Committee for the state’s budget voted Friday to include $17.4 million to establish a school of veterinary medicine at Texas Tech in Amarillo. “The full budget will go to the House and Senate to concur on the changes to the budget before it heads to Gov.
“Over the years, the number of veterinarians throughout Texas has dwindled, including on the South Plains. Some ranchers are worried this problem is getting worse not just for small animal vets, but for large animal vets as well.” Read More: Ranchers concerned about shortage of large animal vets
“More than two years ago, I was approached by representatives of both Texas Tech University and the city of Amarillo seeking my support for a new Texas Tech veterinary school in Amarillo, a place I know well, having lived there for four decades. Since that initial meeting, I have researched
“Fundraising for the program has already begun. According to Texas Tech, $17.4 million was requested from the Texas Legislature with an additional $13.2 million in appropriations, along with $4.2 million in current base funding for appropriation. “Another $1.75 million has been committed to support scholarships, but we need to continue
“Texas Tech’s veterinary school would help me achieve my education and lifelong goal of becoming a veterinarian by providing more seats when there is already such limited space in the state’s only existing veterinary school. It also means that more students like me would be able to stay in their
“Texas Tech’s veterinary school is vital to the community that I have grown up in and that I love so dearly. Texas Tech’s proposal for a veterinary school means that I can stay in the community that made me who I am, and I won’t have to face the debt
“Texas Tech’s veterinary school would help me by offering an additional in-state institution to apply for. Texas A&M is currently the only vet school in Texas with limited capacity, and it would be far cheaper to attend an in-state school than an out-of-state institution. An additional vet school in Texas