March 8, 2019


Led by Amarillo Matters, a coalition as big as Texas is coming together to support the School of Veterinary Medicine at Texas Tech University in Amarillo. Individuals, businesses and organizations from across West Texas are working together to meet this growing need in our state.

DATE:  March 19, 2019

Amarillo Matters to Kickoff Grassroot Effort for Texas Tech Vet School

Amarillo, TX–Amarillo Matters announced today (March 19) a significant grassroots effort aimed at building support for the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo.

“There is so much support for this project and we felt it was important to give all of the supporters a voice, a way for them to say we support this project and our state needs it.” Amarillo Matters President Jason Herrick said.

The effort will include a robust digital and social media campaign with opportunities to stay engaged and share support for the Texas Tech veterinary school. Amarillo Matters is also working to assemble a broad coalition – as big as Texas and beyond – of supporters, communities and organizations who believe in the vision of Texas Tech’s veterinary school.

Numerous agricultural organizations and businesses throughout Texas are supporting the establishment of Texas Tech’s School of Veterinary Medicine. This statewide support includes chambers of commerce, regional communities, cattle feeders, dairymen and ranchers, along with rural veterinary practitioners. Texas Tech’s veterinary school has established partnerships with more than 20 rural veterinary practices throughout the state to support its innovative approach to veterinary education.

“Texas is home to more than 240,000 farms and ranches and leads the nation in cattle production yet we’re importing the majority of our veterinarians,” Herrick said. Statistics show that less than 25 percent of the state’s newly licensed veterinary workforce graduate from the state’s only veterinary program.

“Our state also leads the nation in population growth,” Herrick added. “Over the years we’ve added new law schools, medical schools, nursing programs and now it’s time to add a second veterinary school to help meet both the educational demands and the needs of the ag industry, one of our nation’s largest economic drivers.

“We also can’t say enough about our West Texas leadership in both the Texas House and Senate,” Herrick added. “Senators Kel Seliger and Charles Perry, along with House Representatives Four Price, John Smithee, Dustin Burrows, John Frullo and many others have been so supportive of this project and are working so hard to push it through the legislative process.”

“It’s exciting to see West Texas and many of our rural communities come together to support such a worthy cause and this historic opportunity, not just for the region but for the entire state,” Herrick added. “We are grateful for these partnerships throughout Texas and are proud so many are standing with us.”

Supporters can learn more about the efforts and sign a petition to voice their support